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Cape Winds Arch

72" width x 92" high x 30" in deep

This arch has a heavier framework on the sides and top for greater stability. Natural fruitwood finish. As always "no tools needed".

Rent from $60.00


Our standard wedding arch available in four finishes (candelabras not included). Customize your display by adding an extender for additional walkthough space or adding some side columns for additional beauty. Easily disassembles for easy storage and can be moved. Don't compare with other types of wedding arches, this is a commercial grade wedding arch desiged for years of rental use. Overall size: 74"W x 18"D x 92" with a walk through width of 50". Shipped in multiple boxes. Available in brass, nickel, white.

Rent from $32.00


The Mt. Vernon can be easily assembled with four, five or all six posts in place. The basic gazebo includes everything shown above and two stub posts which enable you to remove full length posts.

Rent from $75.00