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36" wide x 20" deep hot dog roller grill.  Additional Features: 10 Stainless Steel roller tubes. Holds 50 1/8 lb. or 30 1/4 lb. Hot Dogs. Separate temperature and roller controls for front and rear rollers. Stainless Steel Cabinet and drip tray.

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This transporatble charcoal grill is perfect for restaurants, caterers, or home events. Celebrate the big game, a holiday, or special event with some delicious charcoal grilled food! The grill itself measures 26 1/2"L X 70 1/2"W X 37 1/2"H. The legs snap in and have 6" casters with brakes, making it easy to assemble and to move place to place.

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This 5 Qt.Queen Anne Silverplate Chafer

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