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Aztec Tents Corporate Video

Aztec Tents Corporate Video

Operating the Classen Compact Aerator

See how to start, operate and transport the Classen Compact Aerator.  Aerating a lawn improves water uptake, reduces runoff, and helps build stronger roots.

Aztec Tents

Video displayed inside Aztec's booth at the 2013 Rental Show in Las Vegas, NV

How to De-Thatch Your Lawn

This video will explain how to De-thatch your lawn using rental equipment like a Bluebird Dethatcher

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Lawn Projects for Spring

Lawn Projects for Spring

Spring can be a stressful season for any lawn, but there are simple projects you can do to prepare and protect your turf to withstand the rigors of spring. Which projects are best for your lawn will vary, but each one will help you nurture a lush, strong, healthy lawn. The Stress on Spring...