Tips To Cleaning A Wood Floor With A Buffer

Tips To Cleaning A Wood Floor With A Buffer

So your old wood floor doesn’t shine like it used to, huh? If that’s the case, it’s time to get out your buffer and get to work. Here are some tips on using a buffer on your wood floors:

Condition matters
In order for this to work, your floor has to be in relatively good shape. If the wood is cracked in several places, you will probably want to consider doing repairs before worrying about doing buffing.

Before starting, make sure the entire floor is cleared. Once you have done that, sweep it up and use a dust mop on it. You won’t want that extra grit and grime mixing up with your buffer.

Buffering – Phase 1
Attach a cleaning pad to the buffer and apply a spray of mineral spirits onto it. This moistens the pad and will lessen the friction. Now, apply some mineral sprit to a small area of the floor. If you do too large of an area or the liquid will dry up. Keep track of the areas that you do and figure out a path that is most efficient for you to move in.

Buffering – Phase 2
After you have used the cleaning pad, go over your floor again with the dust mop to remove any left over residue. After mopping, Remove the cleaning pad and attach the polishing pad. Go over the entire floor in a consistent pattern. After you’re done with that, wipe the floor off again and put all of your furniture back in the room.